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A Decent All Inclusive Resort in Varadero Cuba

There are differing opinions about the large all inclusive resorts that seem to pepper the Cuba landscape. There seems little doubt however that the Blau Varadero Hotel has fairly unanimous approval not only from the travel industry but also the travelling population of the UK and Europe.
What is it that makes an all inclusive resort like Blau Varadero Hotel so popular, getting a huge measure of support from guests, so much so it has been voted the second most popular hotel in Cuba.
It is a large resort with over 390 rooms and suites, and is rated as a four star in quality, and there seems to be a wide disparity in how guests enjoyed their stay at the Blau Varadero Hotel.
Some folks were very critical about all aspects of the resort, and others had nothing but praise, so it is difficult to make an objective judgement. Possibly the first and very important point to remember is that Cuba is a third world country with a very run down economy, so you cannot expect standards you will find elsewhere in the Caribbean. Having said that, there are plenty of people disappointed on islands like Barbados and Antigua because they expect the same standards as you will find in London, Paris, or New York. Experienced and worldly travellers know that things are different in the Caribbean, and they are in fact very very different in Cuba.

There is also the group of people who delight in complaining, and like to see themselves in print, and equally those who are blind to obvious faults, so you need to take a position on what you read, look at the price you are going to pay, and make a realistic assessment of how it is likely to be.
The one consistent feature of all the hotels you read about in Cuba is how wonderful the staff are, and the Blau Varadero Hotel is no exception at all to this. The staff work incredibly hard, and try to please, and to ensure the guests have a good time. The rooms and maid service are exceptionally good, although the rooms themselves are quite plain, but you really only use them for sleeping. There a loads of towels and the white bed linen is always spotless.

Guests in Cuba Resorts tend to complain about the food. The buffets as is so often the case in hotels all over the world are OK. In fairness there is somehow a need to eat far more than you would do at home, and if you were to compare the choice with what you have at home, there is a lot to choose from. If you take breakfast as an example, most people have toast cereal and coffee, whereas at the Blau Varadero Hotel there are three different egg choices, bacon, pancakes, French toast, and cereals. This is a pretty good selection, and you could draw the same comparisons at lunch and dinner.
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